The UFHO Ticket-Manager is an electronic accounting interface and a reliable information system for our customers.  Our Ticket-Manager is the module that supports in the management and accounting of job tickets and other subscriptions. All participants and the corresponding tickets are managed here. Ticket issue and return, ticket cancellation, changes to the area of validity, issue of replacement tickets or the entry of restrictions – the system takes care of all accounting tasks. This is how we make your customer service more efficient. Our UFHO Ticket-Manager manages the automatic creation of invoices, updates all participants and also automatically generates reminder notices. It is possible to create participant lists and sort and group them by different criteria. User groups can be set up and rights defined based on role models. Various interfaces make it possible to update the price structure and import participant data. With a standardized interface format, the module ensures fast and smooth comparison of the data with the job ticket contact partner.



The UFHO Ticket-Manager simplifies the daily business of the job ticket. With the Ticket-Manager, you can provide your customers with a tool that supports them in performing tasks associated with company tickets. The Ticket-Manager is particularly efficient in the time-intensive area of settlement and ticket management. As a transport company and supplier of company tickets, you can significantly increase customers’ satisfaction thanks to the services offered by our Ticket-Manager. Our Ticket-Manager is the right choice for every size of company: in particular, small and midsized companies without their own personnel management system benefit from user management. Larger companies with their own personnel management system achieve added-value through the import interfaces, as an automatic comparison with the personnel database takes place. Changes are registered directly and the appropriate measures are introduced.