The UFHO sales application enables the convenient sale of tickets across all fare zones. Depending on the start and destination points, the fare zone is calculated and the interfaces are dynamically adapted. Moreover, specific features on what is covered by the ticket is taken into account when issuing the ticket. For line-dependent sales, only applicable stops are displayed automatically. To make the sales process even quicker, relations most often sold are displayed as favorites. Our system can also easily handle fare-evasion payments, the issuing and checking of e-tickets according to Association of German Transport Companies core application (VDV-KA) standards, and the checking and extending of subscription tickets.

Data exchange with the UFHO background system is individually configured and the sales functions are also available offline. After the cash shift has been completed, various sales analyses can be called up in the background through the statistic module.



The system is also suitable for use as a standard cashier system. Posting receipts or controlling various external components such as additional receipt printers, external customer display monitors, cashier drawers, or payment terminals can be implemented quickly.

Our advanced sales system comprises our innovative, powerful UFHO advanced sales application, which is adapted to whatever hardware our customer desires. Naturally, we are happy to accommodate specific requirements related to the display technology and size, space requirements, or additional displays. We configure data-exchange with our UFHO background system individually. The mobile sales terminal can be extended without any problem, as this can also be connected to the UFHO background system. The design can also be adapted individually. From corporate design to special editions for Christmas, anything is possible with our experts. That’s how we make sure our customers achieve their goals.