To meet new challenges, a stable and reliable IT-infrastructure for launching new applications and systems without any serious complications is crucial. And yet established software applications are also continuously changed and expanded as the result of new legal regulations or internal process modifications. For users, it is important to know that at all times they have a contact partner at their side to answer any questions and solve potential problems. For this reason our joint journey does not end at the launch of the product. We stay by their side. We continue to support, advise and optimize: Our support service is different from product to product as well as from customer to customer. Alongside maintenance and support for our software products, we offer you a personal hotline. Our customers decide when the hotline should be staffed and with how many employees. They also decide which experts service the hotline exclusively for them. With our in-house software “Projektura”, we document in detail every support instance to ensure that frequent questions and problems are quickly identified and can be generally solved.