The UFHO sales application enables the convenient sale of tickets incorporating all fare zones. Depending on the start and destination points, the system calculates the fare zone and adapts the interfaces dynamically. Special features such as what is covered by the ticket or specific ticket groups, e.g. senior tickets or student travel, are immediately displayed and taken into account when the ticket is issued. For line-dependent sales, only applicable stops are displayed automatically. To make the advanced sales process even faster, the application displays the most frequently sold connections as favorites. Our UFHO sales application continuously exchanges information with the background system, which, in turn, supplies all the required information. After the Point-of-Sale shift has been completed, various sales analyses can be called up through the statistic module.



Unfortunately, not every passengers holds a valid ticket. The Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) estimates that 3.5% of all passengers do not have a ticket or have one that is not valid. The transport companies lose up to 250 million euros annually though fare evasion. Ticket inspection is indispensable and must be carried out efficiently and in a passenger-friendly manner, but above all, individually. Innovative software and modern reading devices help to keep the time required for each inspection as low as possible.

The UFHO inspection module determines quickly and reliably whether the passenger has a valid right to travel. All conventional, machine-readable tickets with 2D barcode, mobile phone tickets, chip cards complying with the VDV standard and authorization for the DB’s Touch&Travel can be validated.

Inspectors who are not familiar with all the features of the fare-system are given the confidence they need to do their job. With just a glance at the ergonomic control device, the ticket inspector is able to see whether the ticket is valid or not. The information from the inspection is transmitted to the UFHO background system. A comparison with promotions and blacklists takes place there. The data recorded can be automatically taken over for issuing a penalty fare notice.



The EBE module by UFHO gives our customers the possibility to record fare evaders and present details of cases with penalty fares. It is possible to check immediately if an entered address already exists. If a recorded penalty fare relates to an invalid e-ticket, UFHO automatically stores all entitlements on the ticket to this penalty fare instance. The clerk in the office then has all the details regarding the case at their disposal to later explain to the customer the missing or invalid entitlements. Our background system enables all penalty fare tickets to be managed transparently. Convenient filter and search functions as well as detailed analysis options simplify the work. There are also data interfaces to debt collection providers.



Our software is suitable for many mobile devices such as data acquisition terminals, tablets or smartphones with different functions and operating system platforms. Depending on the application, it may be advantageous to use, for example, devices with larger or smaller displays, or integrated or external printers with a Bluetooth interface. The ergonomics of the device and its weight are also decisive decision-making criteria. Additional external applications can be activated for devices with Android operating systems. Devices with SAM ports are suitable for VDV-KA-compliant inspection of electronic tickets.