The modular design of the UFHO system offers IT-solutions  for all central areas of a transport company.

Our innovative background system is the core of the UFHO system. All registered data is managed here: master data and fares, lines and stopping points, work schedules and shifts and also the data from “penalty fares”. Our customers are able to pull up a range of statistics from all these factors, quickly and easily. That means the customer maintains an overview at all times. The communication module, included as standard, ensures encrypted communication with the connected mobile and stationary devices. Role-based authorization for the users guarantees security and efficiency.



Easily manage any number of devices with the UFHO application. The details of each device can be individually processed, meaning that, for example, subsequent restrictions can be added or removed. The customer can conveniently authorize or block devices or add an additional one by scanning a 2D barcode.

The clear setup of the programs, fares, layout and master data versions installed on the device provides a good overview. This makes it quick and easy to reproduce the device status, the location and the most recent communication records.



The UFHO background system displays the shifts and the associated sales data clearly and at the smallest possible level of detail. It is possible to present takings within an easily definable time, by monetary value or as a number of units. The system offers various filtering options according to the most important analysis factors, such as employee, device, type of payment, price category, start and destination stopping point or type of ticket.

The transfer of the shift data takes place via standardized CSV exports. Customizations can also be made here. The system checks all shifts for plausibility and can sort according to status: open, closed, checked or exported – the information on the shifts is clearly laid out, allowing customers an overview in no time at all. For example, they can view sales during an ongoing shift.

The system also offers an overview of all cancellations. Our background system offers a clear roadmap for numerous routes. And we are right on schedule when it comes to the basics of sound accounting.



UFHO also has the right solution for the management of driver accounts: Our background system lists the receipts of every individual driver and monitors them for plausibility. The customer can view the current account balance and just as quickly and easily post these as well as perform payments- in as well as payments-out. UFHO logs every single posting down to the last detail. The system also offers the customer the option to set limits. If a driver exceeds these limits, the system identifies the process with a color. It is possible to block a driver.

All data can be revised, evaluated and exported. Evaluations can be performed based on criteria such as date or time period (e.g. defined booking periods), money, or according to the number of units and the type of ticket. A number of different filters can be applied to the reports: time period, line, employee, device, stops, relations or type of ticket and price category. With UFHO the customer always has an overview of all the facts. All steps of the process are automatically logged and can be traced at any time. UFHO offers interfaces to a range of conventional accounting systems for further processing. We know that our customers’ daily operations are subject to continuous change. We can therefore adapt the individual modules to the transport company’s requirements at any time, with subsequent licensing – without this affecting the existing modules.